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Living our best life on the Isle of Wight

When Spike the Vizsla joined the family pack 12 years ago I hadn't picked up a pencil for a very, very long time. His playful, and as any Vizsla owner will know, fairly needy temperament was endearing, and this is what I wanted to try and capture somehow in my creative work. This is how Trotting Dog began, a series of Vizsla led amusing illustrations based on our first dog.

Milo the Cyprus rescue joined us 4 years ago, a cross between a Vizsla and pretty much everything else. He is a scamp, cheeky as you like, greedy (having lived on the street) and brings a whole world of new doggy dynamics to our household.

They are living their best life on the Isle of Wight. Running up hills, running along beaches, running up to any other dog in the vicinity for a good sniff and bark, and running to greet anyone at the gate, especially Phil the delivery driver who always has treats.

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Happy barks from us all!

Marianne, Spike & Milo