We are producing a limited edition full colour hardback glossy Vizsla photographic book and would love your images. It’s a pack thing!

Vizsla. A Global Pack through the eyes of Owners’, is a collection of fabulous photographs of Vizsla’s taken by their owners across the world.

A percentage of the cover price (RRP £24.99) will be donated to Vizsla Rescue & Rehoming charities through the fundraisers who support the work of these organisations.

You can be part of this because we want to showcase your Vizsla photographs. We’ve already had donations from Kate Adams, one of the team behind the hugely successful Facebook group Vizsla UK, and Veronique Weatherill of HappyTails Photography – thank you!

BAAAARK! Marianne, Spike & Milo



We are asking Vizsla owners to share their images to include in the book which fit any of these categories.

HERO DOG – Your epic Vizsla doing epic things in epic places, even with their epic owner!

VELCRO DOG –  Need we say more?

PACK DOG – How many Vizslas can you fit in/on/under ..

ACTION DOG – Running, jumping, barking, bouncing, flying .. the list is endless.

FUNNY DOG – Those unexpectedly funny shots including embarrassing, awkward or just plain silly.

LAZY DOG – Vizsla’s are very good at getting comfortable and snuggling in, especially in hooman beds!

SUGAR FACE – Don’t forget those gorgeous sugar faces, both with us still or forever missed x

99% VIZSLA – For the rescue and rehomed cross breeds who are more Vizsla than not.



If chosen, your image will feature in full colour in the book. Your dog and owner (should you wish) will be credited in print both with the image and as a contributor.

Even if we do not use your image you will still be credited in our contributor thank you list in the book.

Every contributor will be able to pre-order their book to guarantee a copy on our limited edition print run.


Landscape or Portrait images of your Vizsla. Minimum 5MB in size & try for landscape shots too, you’ve got plenty of time! Good quality images, in focus, not too light or dark. 300dpi TIFF for the technically minded! could be as simple as the Country or as detailed as the story behind a shot. If we have space we may include this.


In the first instance send us small images by clicking HERE to join our Vizsla Book Facebook group then either post or message us at @trottingdog on Facebook.












This means we can connect with everyone who has contributed. You can also ask questions and stay up to date with book’s progress. If you do not use Facebook you can send us a small image on Instagram @spikethevizsla, or email us on


We are collaborating with several fundraisers who support Vizsla charities in the UK and overseas including HVUK and Vizsla Rescue Cyprus. You will be able to connect with these through our Vizsla Book Facebook Group.


Do I have to pay to have my photograph in the book?

No we are only asking for contributions of photographs, although we cannot guarantee every picture we receive will feature.

Do I have to buy a copy of the book?

Nope, this is entirely up to you! We will only be printing 500 copies initially, this sounds a lot but it will be available worldwide! You can pre-order to guarantee your copy.

Do I need a professional photograph to send in?

No, we will consider all images whether it came from your phone, camera or if you are a professional photographer. Your image just needs to be in focus, not too dark or bright and big enough for us to print. Ideally set your phone or camera to take images in its biggest setting – 5MB or more.

Can I send in someone else’s image?

Only if you have written permission you can send us from the dog’s owner for us to use their photograph and know them personally. To avoid complicated copyright issues it is best if you take pictures of your own dog and let us use these.

Will every image sent be used?

We have 120 full colour A4 landscape pages to fill so that’s a lot of images, but only photographs which are high enough quality to print can be considered. We cannot guarantee to use every contribution due to space and/or repetition of photo styles but every contributor will be thanked in print.

Do I get paid for my image?

Sadly not, although we would love to! Because we want to donate money to organisations we can’t afford to pay you to use your image in addition to the book costs.

Can I advertise my business?

There is no advertising space in the book, but if you are a professional photographer who owns a Vizsla we can credit you and your business and thank you across our social media too, whether or not your image is used.

What if my dog is a Vizsla crossbreed?

If your dog is a rescue or has been rehomed and is a Vizsla cross we will definitely consider your photograph!

What size images do you need?

5MB minimum.

Will you own my image?

No. You retain copyright and ownership of your image. We just need your permission to reproduce your image in our book.